Avima Data Privacy Policy

Avima AB is committed to safeguarding your privacy.

In our data privacy policy, we outline the information we collect about you online, the reasons for collecting it, and how we access, use, share, and protect it. This policy applies to the information we gather online through:

  • Our services, such as websites and mobile apps, and
  • Services and content that we provide on third-party platforms, including our electronic communications, social media pages, and digital advertisements.

Why do we collect and use personal data?
We collect personal data for various purposes, including managing orders and inquiries, maintaining relationships with customers and potential customers, conducting surveys, improving our products and services, enhancing our digital content and user experience, managing user accounts and programs, analyzing activities on our digital platforms, conducting marketing activities, providing relevant and contextual information to users, ensuring the security of our operations, protecting against fraud, and, more broadly, conducting our business activities.

Our primary objective in collecting information is to provide you with excellent service and a seamless, efficient, and personalized experience when engaging with our digital content.

Avima collects personal data for the following purposes:

  • Managing orders for products, services, and digital content: We collect this information to fulfill your order, process payments, provide the features of our applications, communicate with you regarding the status of your order, and for contract management.

  • Improving handling of future information and support requests: We record exchanges, including personal data, to provide optimal service when you contact us for support.

  • Relationship management: This includes communication about products, services, and digital content, including email communication and SMS.

  • Conducting surveys and polls: We may collect personal data to conduct surveys and follow up with you. This information is used to measure customer satisfaction, gain better insight into our customers, and improve products, services, and digital content.

  • Enhancing our products, services, and digital content: For example, we analyze the usage of our applications and websites to identify areas and features where users encounter issues, and then we improve the services.

  • Understanding your browsing and search activities: We collect navigation information when you visit our digital content or click on links for products and services. We gather this data to provide a better user experience during future visits (e.g., country selection or profile-targeted content), enhance the efficiency of our websites, gather broad demographic information, analyze website activity levels and performance, and evaluate the relevance and effectiveness of our marketing to provide better service to our customers. We may use cookie files and other identifying information or similar technology (referred to as "cookie files") to obtain information about the linked website, the type of browser used, displayed content, and the date and time of access to digital content. You can refer to our cookie notice for more information on our use of cookie files and your options to manage them.

  • Managing digital user accounts: We collect personal data when you register for our digital platforms (e.g., partner portal, ordering platform, mobile apps) to authenticate you, manage login credentials to enable you to navigate between multiple digital platforms without re-authentication (single sign-on), and communicate with you.

  • Running marketing programs and campaign activities: We collect personal data when you participate in a campaign or rewards program or activity. We use this information to administer the program or activity, send relevant email communications about the program and activity, notify winners, and disclose the list of winners in accordance with applicable rules and laws.

  • Sending marketing information to you via mail, fax, telephone, SMS, email, and electronic communication about promotions, news, and new products or services that we believe may be of interest to you. You can always express interest in or opt out of receiving such information. This may be carried out by Avima or selected third parties acting on our behalf.

  • Providing you with specific communications or targeted information about our products and services (or our subsidiaries) via pop-up windows, banners, videos, email, and other advertising formats. For example, we may provide you with contextual advertising or other content based on browsing information. We may also use location information to inform you about local campaigns and activities. Please read our cookie notice for more information on the use of cookie files and your ability to manage them.

  • Combining information obtained online from different digital platforms with the information we collect about you offline to create a profile that we can use to provide you with personalized services. For example, a user who we believe is an electrician (based on the information provided during registration and other information obtained from third-party sources) may see profile-related ads on third-party websites and in applications that users with other energy-related specialties do not see. Similarly, users may see different content or receive different messages that include different ads or surveys. We may also use cookie files to select users based on geographical criteria.

  • To ensure the security of our products, services, and websites, as well as our own and others' activities, to protect you against fraud, and to comply with our terms and this privacy policy. We may also investigate potential violations.

  • To enable or administer our operations, such as quality control and consolidated reporting.

  • To support business transactions or reorganizations involving Avima.

  • For business continuity and disaster recovery purposes.

  • To fulfill our legal obligations, such as accounting and tax obligations.

  • For purposes communicated to you in other ways.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

We also collect information using cookies and similar technologies when you use our online services or access our online content.

A cookie is a small data file that a webpage transfers to your computer. We place cookies when you visit our website or another company's website where our ads appear, or when you make purchases, request information, make personal settings, or sign up for certain services. By accepting cookies used on our website, websites operated by another company on our behalf, or websites where our ads appear, you grant us access to information about your interests. We use this information to personalize your experience. Similar technologies include transparent-background GIFs, web beacons, and pixel tags, which are typically transparent images embedded on web pages. Our cookies and similar technologies collect information about your device, operating system, and browser. They also collect information about how you use your device, and more information about this is provided below.

Most cookies and similar technologies only collect de-identified information, such as how you arrived at our website or your general location. However, some cookies and similar technologies collect personal information. For example, if you click "Remember me" when logging into our website, a cookie will store your username.

Cookies and similar technologies may collect data such as:

  • the device(s) you use (e.g., the operating system or type of device you use to access electronic communications from Avima),
  • information related to your IP address, including domain information, your internet service provider, and general geographic location,
  • how you use our websites or apps, including what you search for, the pages you view, the duration of your visit, and how often you return,
  • how you found our websites or apps, the referring website or app, and the pages of our partnering websites you visit,
  • which ads or online content you view, display, or click on from us and our business and marketing partners,
  • if you open our electronic communications, which sections you click on, and how often you open them.

If you use your mobile device to view our products and services, we may collect information about your device, such as your location, to provide location-based content that you request.

What types of personal data do we process?
Avima processes various types of personal data, including identity and contact information, work-related information, preferences, interactions with us, financial information, online traffic data, and the content you provide to us. In most cases, this information is obtained from customers, partners, and users. We also purchase lists from marketing companies and receive information from our partners through cookie files and social networks.

Personal information (also referred to as personal data) is any information related to an identified or identifiable individual. An identifiable individual is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, particularly by reference to an identifier or by one or more factors specific to the person's physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity.

The types of personal information we process from you may include the following:

  • Identity and contact-related information, such as name, company, email address, phone number, photo, age range, contact addresses.
  • Professional information, such as customer type, procuring authority, procurement timeframe, purchases, and usage of Avima's products, services, and digital content.
  • Information specific to the digital platform you are using, such as energy consumption data.
  • Your preferences, such as product and service preferences, contact preferences, marketing preferences.
  • Your interactions with us, such as inquiries, orders, claims, survey responses.
  • Financial information, such as bank account and credit card details.
  • Online traffic data, including IP address, device and system identifiers, user ID and password for Avima, referring website, type of browser used, consulted content and location, based either on your IP address or information transmitted by your mobile device.
  • Content that you have provided through online forums or in any other way.

This privacy policy does not cover anonymized personal information, which means that individual persons can no longer be identified or can only be identified after a disproportionate effort in terms of time, money, or work. If anonymized data becomes identifiable, this privacy policy applies.

In most cases, we collect personal data directly from users who have a business relationship with us. We may also obtain information through a reseller or business partner by purchasing customer lists from marketing companies, from your browsing experience, from social networks when you connect through these networks, and through cookie files.

Your content

You have the option to contribute content, including photos or comments, to online forums, applications, or other digital platforms operated by Avima. The content must be respectful and comply with the law, as well as respect the rights and interests of others. You must not share anyone else's information without their consent. It is advisable to exercise caution before sharing information in a forum.

The content you provide to us must respect the rights and interests of others, including their right to data protection and privacy. It must not be offensive, derogatory, or in any way harmful.

Any provision of personal information to Avima about another individual must comply with privacy legislation, including requirements for notification and consent for the disclosure of such information.

While Avima strives to protect your personal information, sharing them online is not without risks. If you make posts, comments, express interest in something, or share personal information (including photos) on any forum, social network, or blog, you should be aware that the personal information you provide may be read, viewed, collected, or used by other users on those platforms. It can be used to contact you, send unsolicited messages, or for other purposes that neither you nor Avima can control. Avima is not responsible for the personal information you choose to disclose on these platforms. You should exercise caution before deciding to share information about yourself or anyone else.

Who do we share personal information with?

We share personal information with Avima's service providers involved in our activities, advertising and marketing agencies, and design agencies. We also share information with social networks if you have used your login credentials from those networks, and with third-party websites if you register with them using your Avima login credentials. Additionally, we may share information with responsible regulatory authorities, relevant government agencies, and corporate successors.

We utilize service providers for data processing and the delivery of our products, services, and content to you. These service providers include, but are not limited to, server hosting providers, information systems providers, advertising and marketing companies, IT support, security services, financial services, product delivery carriers, external accounting firms, lawyers, and auditors.

We ensure that all service providers operating under agreements with Avima adhere to data privacy regulations and comply with Webforum's guidelines.

We may also share information as follows:

  • In connection with providing advertisements, we may share certain limited personal data (such as device IDs, cookie files) with ad networks or companies that manage ads on third-party websites and apps where you may see advertisements.
  • You can access our digital content by registering through login credentials on third-party websites (such as Facebook and LinkedIn). If you do so, we may access some of the information you have registered on these social networks to assist you in completing the registration form for Avima's digital content. By using login credentials from these third-party websites, you can also inform your contacts on these websites that you have created an account with Avima. If you want to learn more about the information available through your contacts on these websites and how to limit their communication, we encourage you to review their terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Where required by law or court order, or to protect our legal rights, we will disclose your personal data to government authorities, regulatory bodies, and responsible agencies.
  • In other ways described in this privacy policy or to which you have otherwise given your consent.
  • Together with other data in a manner that does not reasonably identify you (e.g., statistical aggregations).

We will not sell or rent out your personal data to third parties without your permission.

How do we protect personal data?

Avima adheres to generally recognized data protection principles (fairness, purpose limitation, data quality, data retention, compliance with individuals' rights, security) and has implemented reasonable measures to protect personal data.

Avima respects individuals' privacy rights and interests. Avima observes the following principles when handling personal data:

  1. Process personal data in a fair and lawful manner.
  2. Collect personal data for specified legitimate purposes and not process them further in ways that are incompatible with those purposes.
  3. Collect personal data that is relevant and not excessive for the purpose for which it is collected and used. We may anonymize data when it is reasonable and appropriate, depending on the nature of the data and the risks associated with the intended uses.
  4. Keep personal data accurate and up-to-date as necessary. We take reasonable measures to correct or delete information that is inaccurate or incomplete.
  5. Retain personal data only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed.
  6. Process personal data in accordance with individuals' statutory rights.
  7. Implement appropriate technical, physical, and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access, unlawful processing, and unauthorized or accidental loss, destruction, or damage of personal data.
  8. When processing sensitive personal data, ensure appropriate notice and consent or that the processing complies with applicable laws.

Avima must ensure compliance with the above principles.

Avima is committed to taking commercially reasonable technical, physical, and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, unlawful processing, accidental loss or damage, or unauthorized destruction. We provide secure servers that you can use to place orders or access your account information. We implement control measures for our internal systems that contain personal data. Authorized users are granted access to such systems using a unique ID and password. Access to personal data is only granted to personnel within our organization who need it to perform their job duties. We educate our employees on the proper use and handling of personal data. We also require our service providers to maintain security measures in compliance with regulations. We implement security measures to establish the identity of registered users, so that appropriate rights and restrictions can be applied to these users. If you are a registered user, we use both login and password for authentication. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your login credentials.

By using our digital content or providing personal data to us, you consent to us communicating with you electronically or otherwise regarding related activities pertaining to security, privacy, usage, and administration. Despite our efforts to implement appropriate security measures, online browsing carries risks. We cannot guarantee that it is risk-free.

Third-party websites and social media

You should review the privacy policy of third-party websites and social media platforms and adjust the privacy settings according to your preferences. Websites and platforms that do not belong to Avima are not covered by this privacy policy.

Avima's digital platforms may contain links to third-party programs, products, services, or websites to facilitate users and provide them with information. By following these links, you will be leaving Avima's digital platform. Avima does not have control over third-party websites or their privacy policies, which may differ from Avima's privacy policy. We do not endorse or make any critical remarks about third-party websites. The personal information you choose to provide to or that is collected by third parties is not covered by Avima's privacy policy. We recommend reviewing the privacy policy of any websites you use before consenting to the collection and use of your personal information.

We also provide links to social media platforms that you can use to share information with your social networks and engage with Avima on various social media platforms. Your use of these links may result in the collection or sharing of information about you. We recommend reviewing the privacy policy and settings on the social media platforms you participate in to understand what information may be collected, used, and shared by those websites and adjusting those settings as needed.

What rights do you have?

Avima will address your data protection rights, including your rights to request access to your personal information and to request its deletion or modification. You can always opt out of any direct marketing carried out by Avima.

Avima will address your data protection rights, including your rights to access and correct your personal information. You may inquire about the type of personal data stored or processed by Avima entities. You will have access to your personal information regardless of the location of data processing and storage.

You can request access to your personal information and request its deletion or modification at any time. Requests regarding the rights of the data subject can be sent to: supportATwebforum.com [Replace AT in the address with @].

You always have the right to opt out of our marketing communications. Your explicit consent will be sought when required by applicable law. If you wish to unsubscribe from promotional emails, you can use the unsubscribe feature provided at the bottom of all the emails we send.