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Build better together

Collect the construction project's documents, decisions and communication in Avima's project platform.

Get started the same day and grow with powerful features, so everyone is building toward the same goal.

Save time and resources   Ease of growing with   Secure IT environment

+65 000 users


Construction projects are complex, being on top of things shouldn't be.


Create the right conditions

Software that does not support real collaboration costs a lot and leads to lower efficiency, increased risk of wrong decisions and misunderstandings between all parties.

One version of the truth

Spending time looking for relevant information is everyday for many. We believe that all documentation and information should be available in one place where it is searchable, traceable and accurate.

Easy to do right

With a user-friendly software that supports efficient information management, the risk of incorrect decisions is reduced. When everyone shares the same picture of the project's status, deliveries and other critical information, you save both time and costs.


Easy to get started, powerful to grow with.

What functions do we support?

Our platform gathers all the necessary tools to save time for you and your project team. Stop searching and compiling information – focus on driving successful construction projects instead.

Document Management

We offer comprehensive and user-friendly document management with flexible access control and integrated document viewers.

Question/Answer in Visual Boards

Efficient management of questions and answers in customizable boards. Link to images and documents and share feedback in a trackable comment stream.

Deviation Management

Structured information management for deviation management, notifications, and Change Requests. Easily adaptable to desired workflows and regulations.

Share tender documents

When the tender documents have been reviewed and finalized, a special folder is created to share documents externally and traceably with suppliers.


We believe in communicating where your information is shared. Email and phone calls can be minimized when the project site supports open and targeted communication.

Project Overview

For management and project coordinators, we offer a real-time updated project overview. The overview displays progress and results regarding the status of various portfolios.

What our customers say




We have disposed of all other digital tools that have this type of functionality - we have chosen to move forward with Avima. We have also demanded a certain level of security where we assess Avima meets our requirements.

Viktor Ståhl
Project Manager at Västervik Miljö och Energi

Common questions

What is Avima?

Avima is a scalable project platform with efficient features for central processes in construction projects. In addition to comprehensive document and drawing management, the solution supports the management of Questions/Answers, Deviations, Checklists, and all other information management in projects.

Avima is a Swedish company and has the majority of its customers in Sweden, but also in Finland and Norway. The service has thousands of users, mostly in civil engineering projects and infrastructure projects, both in the public and private sector.

Is Avima secure?

Avima is a Swedish project platform hosted by Axians (certified according to ISO 27001) in a fully redundant and secure environment spread across two different data centers in Stockholm. All communication with the platform is encrypted. Avima has gained the trust of several organizations where security is of utmost importance. If you want more secure data storage than in Avima, you'll have to print it out on paper and lock it in a vault deep in the mountains.

Is Avima a project portal?

Avima is available for project managers and projectmanagers in construction and civil engineering projects.

The platform makes it possible to keep track of all the decisions that are made, find the right version ofdocuments and manage the communication needed to be able to collaborate effectively.

Avima makes it easy to get started with new projects, without skimping on the functionality needed to go all the way from planning to completed project.

This means that construction projects can quickly start and grow with the needs of each company and user. This saves time, money and resources and ensures thateveryone builds together from start to finish.

Do you support drawing management?

Avima has chosen to integrate Autodesk model viewers, which are highly appreciated tools for those who need to review models but do not have CAD software installed.