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Västervik Miljö och Energi is facing a major and extensive renovation of the Lucerna sewage treatment plant, with the goal of doubling its treatment capacity.

The energy company uses Avima's document and case management to streamline collaboration between the company, contractors, and consultants.

Short info: Västervik Miljö och Energi is a municipal energy company focusing on electricity, water, sewage, waste, fiber, and district heating.

Main project: Lucerna treatment plant

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 We have gotten rid of all other digital tools that have this type of functionality - we have chosen to move forward with Avima. We have also stipulated a certain level of security where we assess that Avima meets our requirements.




Västervik and the Lucerna project

Västervik Miljö och Energi is a municipal energy company focusing on electricity, water, sewage, waste, fiber, and district heating. Viktor Ståhl is the project manager for one of their most ambitious projects - the Lucerna treatment plant. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Viktor has held various roles such as project manager, site manager, and construction supervisor. This broad experience has given him a deep understanding of the complexity of infrastructure projects.

The Lucerna sewage treatment plant is of crucial importance to Västervik and was built back in the 1970s. After many years of operation, the facility is in dire need of extensive renovation and expansion to meet the increasing demands on the treatment plant. The renovation is Västervik's largest environmental project and will have a number of positive effects on the environment and sustainability. Västervik will get a state-of-the-art treatment plant with better treatment efficiency than today. The treatment plant will be able to handle future population growth while also meeting the new stricter treatment requirements, reducing the impact on the Baltic Sea. A refurbished treatment plant also provides clean water for generations 50 years into the future while the constructions take into account the surrounding nature.

Viktor was appointed project manager at the turn of 2020/2021 and has been a driving force behind the planning work. After two years of intensive planning followed by a year of meticulous procurement, the project is ready to take the next step, and work is expected to start in March 2024. This marks the beginning of a complete renovation where every part of the facility will be renewed to meet the new requirements and the needs of Västervik's residents and businesses. A challenging aspect is that it must remain in operation during the reconstruction process to avoid unnecessary emissions into the Baltic Sea.




Before Avima, we worked in different systems according to the preferences of the contractors and consultants. This led to confusion and lack of control where the contractors and consultants had control instead of us as the client.

Viktor Ståhl, project manager, Västervik Miljö och Energi



The importance of one, not multiple structures

Before Västervik Miljö och Energi took the step to integrate Avima into their workflow, they faced a number of challenges. One of the most tangible was being thrown between different systems and ways of working all the time. At each new project start, they had to adapt to different project tools and preferences of the contractors and consultants they collaborated with. This situation created a disorganized environment with different contracts and systems, making it difficult for them to maintain a consistent internal structure.

One consequence of this practice was that the individual project manager was often the only one with a comprehensive understanding and insight into their project. Thus, the overall control over all projects was also limited. The person-centered structure made projects vulnerable because it was difficult for others to step in as needed, such as in case of illness or termination of employment. In summary, control lay with the counterparty instead of Västervik as the client, which was not sustainable for them.

To address these challenges, they realized the need to find a more efficient way of working that would give them a consistent structure and increased control over their work. Their goal was to create order and structure by implementing a common platform where all projects could be managed in the same way. As a client, Västervik wanted the overall control over the workflow and communication channels.


An integrated solution for unified document management and efficient case management

Avima has helped Västervik Miljö och Energi achieve their goals by introducing a comprehensive solution that addresses their challenges on multiple fronts.

Key features:

  • Folder structure, approval and review functions, and question/answer module: By integrating these features, Västervik has been able to create a unified structure for document management and collaboration. It has enabled smoother management of project-related documents, clearer communication, and a transparent change and addition notification (ÄTA) process.
  • Use of visual boards as a case management system: Case management is something that will become increasingly important as Västervik transitions to actual construction. With the help of the boards, they will be able to facilitate efficient tracking and management of project-related cases, increasing the efficiency for the team to follow up and resolve cases in real-time. Through Avima, they have been able to create a unified work culture and a standardized way of working across all projects. By bringing together all project-related activities in a single platform, Avima has eliminated the need for other digital tools with similar functions, promoting efficiency and collaboration. This has enabled anyone involved in the project to easily jump in and support as needed, reducing the risk of delays or interruptions in work.

Västervik Miljö och Energi has experienced a smooth and easy transition to Avima. The response from contractors and external participants has been consistently positive. One of the most appreciated aspects of Avima is its high recognition factor and user-friendly folder structure. This has made it easy for the older generation, who often hold leadership positions in the consulting and contracting areas, to adapt to and work efficiently with the system.



We have gotten rid of all other digital tools that have this type of functionality - we have chosen to move forward with Avima. We have also stipulated a certain level of security where we assess that Avima meets our requirements.

Viktor Ståhl, project manager, Västervik Miljö och Energi



Working in the same way towards the same goal

After Avima was implemented, Västervik Miljö och Energi has seen the following results:

  • Clear overview and control: Their project work has become more structured and controlled with a clear overview of project status and activities. A common way of working: Västervik can now work in a common way internally to drive their projects. They no longer need to adapt to new systems and agreements for new projects. Improved communication and time savings: They have saved time by centralizing all information in Avima. Previously, communication was divided between a project portal and email, creating inefficiency. Now with all information gathered in Avima, they can easily find all relevant information, freeing up time for more important tasks.

  • Elimination of other tools: By choosing Avima, they have also been able to eliminate other digital tools with similar functions, reducing complexity and improving security.



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