Sounds too good to be true?
Read about how our customers use Avima to streamline their construction projects.




We have disposed of all other digital tools that have this type of functionality - we have chosen to move forward with Avima. We have also demanded a certain level of security where we assess Avima meets our requirements.

Viktor Ståhl
Project Manager at Västervik Miljö och Energi

Group 31-2

"I would guess that we saved at least one hour every week per person, which for 20 people in a normal project of ten weeks results in 200 hours of pure savings, very low calculation."

Tyréns requested a powerful tool for the efficient management of large amounts of information that can be used in the development and management of buildings and facilities.

Group 31-5

"We chose Avima as their offer responded to the needs we have within the organization. The advantage of Avima is that it is modular and that we can choose the parts that best suit each project"

Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB) strove for increased control,  efficiency and a common way of working in its projects and its project operations.

Group 31-4

"Avima is a scalable platform that helps us collect all information in our construction projects in one place. We have great confidence that Avima will promote our collaboration internally and externally and contribute to our continued commitment to a minimized environmental impact."

Vindelnbostäder was looking for a modern and cost-effective platform that could also help them collect everything in one place. With this as a starting point, the company chose Avima.

Group 31

"Avima is an extremely important and valuable tool for effective collaboration in the project. Especially when it comes to the parts that are implemented in collaboration where we (customer and contractor) jointly plan and project the upcoming implementation."

When VafabMiljö was about to start its biggest project in a long time, responsible project manager Henrik Westman realized that they needed project support to succeed with this important project.