Q&A in visual boards in Avima

Effortlessly manage questions and answers in boards that are easily tailored to the desired workflow. Link images and documents and share insights in a traceable comment flow until it's time to make decisions. All questions and answers, including attachments, comments, and decisions, can be exported for archiving with other project documentation.

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Decision making

Within our Q&A board, you have the ability to make diverse decisions. Every decision is meticulously tracked, ensuring transparency regarding decision-makers and timing. Exporting decision logs is effortless for historical tracking, and you can easily filter all decisions made to gain a comprehensive overview.

Clear responsibility allocation

Through our platform, you have the capability to clearly assign and reallocate various tasks as needed, such as in cases of illness. This establishes a clear overview of who is responsible for what, crucial for keeping the project moving and avoiding misunderstandings. The responsibility allocation provides you with a comprehensive view of the project, and through direct communication regarding each task, ensures all parties are informed and engaged. You can easily track the progress of each task and trace all relevant communication to ensure smooth collaboration and progress.

Overview and communication

With our boards, you gain a clear overview of current and future tasks. Questions and uncertainties are addressed directly on the platform, with all dialogue gathered in one easily accessible location. By creating and tracking tasks on the boards, you maintain full control over the process without losing important information in email threads. This streamlines communication and frees up time to focus on successful project management.

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We meet your needs for successful collaboration in construction projects

Save time and resources

Collaborating makes people's professional lives so much more enjoyable. But it's also crucial for building better. We make it possible to save time on administration, to establish faster communication channels, and to avoid costly misunderstandings.

 Ease of scalability

As a project owner, you rely on many specialists and collaborators to realize your project. However, not everyone shares the same perspective or focus. To create a dynamic platform that supports a successful project, the features need to accommodate everyone, regardless of prior knowledge or technical expertise. We make it easy for you to grow with us.

Secure IT environment

Security regarding IT environment and access to sensitive information has shifted from something that can be taken for granted to one of the most crucial aspects in the digital environment of projects. Avima takes security extremely seriously with redundant operational environment, Swedish data storage, and advanced permission control.


What is Avima?

Avima is a scalable project platform with efficient features for central processes in construction projects. In addition to comprehensive document and drawing management, the solution supports handling of Requests for Information (RFIs), Deviations, Checklists, and all other information management in projects.

Avima is a Swedish company and has the majority of its customers in Sweden, but also in Finland and Norway. The service has thousands of users, most of whom are involved in community development projects and infrastructure projects, both publicly and privately funded.

Is Avima secure?

Avima is a Swedish project platform hosted by Axians (certified according to ISO 27001) in a fully redundant and secure environment spread across two different data centers in Stockholm. All communication with the platform is encrypted. Avima has been entrusted by several organizations where security is of utmost importance. If you want data storage more secure than in Avima, you'll need to print it out on paper and lock it in a safe deep inside a mountain.

Is Avima a project portal?

Avima is for project managers and project leaders in construction and civil engineering projects. The platform enables keeping track of all decisions made, finding the correct version of documents, and managing communication necessary for effective collaboration.

Avima makes it easy to start new projects without compromising on the functionality needed to progress from planning to project completion. This allows construction projects to quickly initiate and expand according to the needs of each company and user. In this way, time, money, and resources are saved, ensuring that everyone builds together from start to finish.

Do you support drawing management?

Avima has chosen to integrate Autodesk model viewers, which are a highly appreciated support for anyone who needs to review models but does not have CAD software installed themselves.

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